Max Goldberg

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Max is a junior in Pierson College majoring in Ethics, Politics and Economics. After arriving at Yale expecting to study astrobiology, Max now focuses on the law as an intersection of public and private life, and is especially interested in global governance, the role of law in social and economic change change, and legal reform in the People’s Republic of China. When he’s not busy writing mediocre philosophy papers or fussing with an uncooperative line of code, Max is an amateur astronomer and enjoys and experimenting with statistical programming. Outside of the classroom, Max is the president and founder of the Financial Literacy and Justice Task Force, Max leads a group of Yale students teaching personal finance at local New Haven public middle and high schools with the belief that increasing financial literacy in the community helps to promote upward social mobility and greater equality of opportunity. In his free time, you might find Max in the gym listening to kitschy Chinese pop, rereading Nabokov, or face-down on a beanbag chair contemplating his life decisions.