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staff, faculty and postdocs

Bi+ Monthly Meet Up

Virtually connect with other Bi+ folks at Yale! 

Bi+ includes, and is not limited to, folks who have attraction to more than one gender, such as: Bisexual, Biromantic, Fluid, Panromantic, Pansexual, Omnisexual, Heteroflexible, Homoflexible, Straight-ish, Gay-ish, Multisexual, Queer, “into hearts, not parts,” and more … 


2nd Thursday of every month 5:15-6:30pm 

Free and open to all Yale Staff, Faculty, Post-docs and Partners 


Q-BIPOC (staff, faculty, postdocs)

Do you identify as LGBTQ and BIPOC? If so, this event is for you, a virtual town hall to build community with one another. The purpose of this meeting is to share your perspectives, experiences, challenges, and concerns. We hope to form a mission and regular gathering place. 

This invite goes out to all Yale staff, faculty, and postdocs. To ensure privacy and safety, we respectufully ask that this space be reserved for those who self-identify as QBIPOC.

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