Staying connected while away from campus: A note from our staff

Office of LGBTQ Resources, Yale University
Monday, March 23, 2020

Dear Community,

We hope this finds you well and finding resources and connections that bring some comfort during this disruption. We recognize that finishing this semester remotely presents a range of challenges to members of our community and many challenges to connecting with and maintaining community. We are committed to adapting our work to best meet the diverse needs of our incredible and incredibly diverse community, wherever you may be.

We are available to talk one-on-one and in groups, as you need, to discuss whatever may be on your mind. You can find information on scheduling meetings with each of us on our website:

We will be hosting Virtual Queer Teas on Fridays from 4:00–5:00 pm EST via Zoom. All are welcome to join.

We hope to provide as many opportunities for you to connect with community as possible. We will share opportunities to connect in our newsletter each week and on our website ( We invite you to share any opportunities you organize or find with us via our website ( or by email (!

We are eager to hear what kind of opportunities you feel would benefit you most—please share your ideas with us via this form ( or by email (

We know that that the challenges and impacts of dislocation are immense and will continue to evolve during our time away from campus. We hope that you will accept our invitation to remain in touch with us and help us understand how we can help, now and moving forward.

Maria Trumpler, Andrew Dowe, Seth Wallace and Karis Slattery
Office of LGBTQ Resources Staff