Spectrum Fellows

The Spectrum Fellows Program is a new initiative of the Yale Office of LGBTQ Resources aimed at making mentoring and programming resources available to all Yale students, including upperclassmen. Spectrum fellows provide personal, social, and academic support to Yale student through one-on-one mentoring, discussions, and special events. Spectrum Fellows receive ongoing mentorship training, logistical and planning support, and funding resources for programming of their own design.

Communication and Consent Educators (CCEs)

The Communication and Consent Educators (CCEs) are a large, diverse group of undergraduates working together to foster a more positive sexual and social climate on campus.  Every year, there is a team of queer CCEs who work specifically with and within LGBTQ+ communities on campus. The CCEs aim to end sexual violence by transforming Yale’s corner of contemporary culture into one where respect, mutuality, and mindfulness are the norms.  A safe campus is critically important, but CCEs want even more – they want Yale to be a place where everyone can thrive.

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