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Trans@Yale: Students

This page provides an overview of resources and services available to transgender, gender nonconforming and gender questioning undergraduate, graduate and professional students at Yale University. 

University Policies

Yale University’s Nondiscrimination statement, which covers all students and employees, prohibits discrimination based upon gender identity or expression in admission, education and employment. The full statement can be viewed here:

Consultations & Referrals

The Director of LGBTQ Resources can help students, staff, and faculty navigate social, medical, and administrative challenges of gender congruence or transition.  These consultations and referrals are available by appointment.  For more information, visit Virtual Appointments(link is external)

Trans@Yale Survival Guide

Find regularly updated information navigating gender identity at Yale in this student-authored and -maintained guide. The guide is maintained by the Yale College organization Trans@Yale.

Programming and Community

Beyond the Binary

Beyond the Binary is an ongoing discussion on gender identity hosted by the Office of LGBTQ Resources staff members. It is a safe space for conversation on life and wellbeing for those who identify as transgender, agender, dualgender, genderqueer, gender questioning, nonbinary or ortherwise. Snacks are provided! Check our calendar for meeting times. 


Trans@Yale, formed in the fall of 2015, is a student organization whose mission is to provide both resources and social space for trans and non-binary undergraduate students. Trans@Yale is a registered student organization as of the spring of 2016. Sign up to the Trans@Yale email list for more information.

Trans/gender Awareness Week

Trans/gender Awareness Week at Yale has expanded into an annual series of events celebrating and exploring a variety of trans and gender non-conforming identities, experiences, and communities. Find out more on the Trans/gender Awareness Weeks page.


Yale Health provides a range of trans-related services to all currently enrolled students, including hormone therapy and gender-affirming surgical procedures. See Transgender Care at Yale Health for Students at the Yale Health website and contact Yale Health Care Management Department or your primary care clinician can provide the most current information. Not sure where to begin? We recommend taking advantage of our consulations and referrals and consulting the Trans@Yale Survival Guide!

You may also contact the Patient Representative with any concerns you have about the way you are treated at Yale Health.

Preferred Name Use

For the most up-to-date information, see the Yale University Registrar's Name Policy and Use site. The following information on Preferred Name Use is copied from that site (02/17).

Yale University recognizes that students may wish to use a preferred first name rather than their legal first name to identify themselves. The University supports students in this choice. Beginning January 17, 2017 any student may designate a preferred first name regardless of whether they have legally changed their name.

How to Add, Change, or Delete a Preferred First Name

To indicate your preferred first name, login to the Student Information System (SIS), click on the “Personal Data” menu, and select “My Preferred Name.” Your full name and your preferred first name, if you already have a preferred first name on record, will be displayed. You may edit an existing preferred first name, enter a new preferred first name, or delete the existing preferred first name.

For some applications, changes to the preferred first name will display immediately. For others, changes may take longer to appear.

Use of Legal or Preferred First Name
Preferred First Name: Places where preferred first name (if saved in SIS) will be used include:
  • Online directory
  • Learning management systems
  • Advising systems
  • Online Course Selection (OCS)
  • Yale Degree Audit (Yale College and Law only)
Legal Name: Places where legal name will be used include:
  • Student accounts and bills
  • Student employment and paychecks
  • Financial aid documents and refund checks
  • Enrollment and degree verification certificates
  • Official transcripts
Legal Name or Preferred First Name: Places where either preferred first name (if saved in SIS) or legal name can be used are:
Note for Professional Students

The Registrar's Office of each professional school maintains records for that school's students and policies and procedures may differ slightly from those described above. Contact your school's Registrar or the Office of LGBTQ Resources with any questions or concerns.

Email Aliases

Yale ITS accommodates requests for updated email aliases for EliApps users and maintains detailed an up-to-date overview of preferred names here: Email Addresses at Yale - FAQ. Further assistance is available from the ITS Help Desk via

ID Cards

Once you have updated your legal or preferred name with the University Registrar, visit the ID Center for a new Yale ID.

Gender-Inclusive Yale College Housing

Gender-inclusive housing options are available for all Yale College students. Contact your Residential College Dean for more information. Newly matriculated students should watch for the on-line housing form where they can choose “All-Gender Suites” as an option. We encourage students with concerns or questions about housing to contact us

Any student who needs housing during winter break should contact us and we can match you with a staff member or graduate or professional student who can offer temporary housing in New Haven.

University Facilities

All-Gender Restrooms on Campus

Most university buildings have all-gender or single-occupant restrooms, and almost all dormitory restrooms and shower facilities are all-gender. Find one near you with our mobile-friendly Campus All Gender Restroom map.

Payne Whitney Gym

Yale's primary athletic facilities feature unisex bathroom and changing facilities on the fourth floor, near the fitness center. The code to unlock these facilities can be easily obtained from the attendant on duty in the fitness center. Additionally, the second floor “Men's” and “Women's” locker rooms feature completely private showers within private changing stalls.

Other Concerns

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns not addressed above, or if you have ideas about how to make Yale a more inclusive place!