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Trans/gender Awareness Week 2011

November 5-15, 2011

Sponsored by the Office of LGBTQ Resources, the Yale LGBT Co-op, and Yale GALA, the Gay and Lesbian Alumni

Originally founded to create space on campus for exploring issues related to gender identity, Trans/gender Awareness Week at Yale has expanded into an annual series of events celebrating and exploring a variety of trans and gender non-conforming identities, experiences, and communities. Whether you've never heard the word “trans” before or whether you've been deeply involved in the LGBTQ community for years, whether you're interested in the intersection of race and gender or whether you just want to hear some great klezmer punk, Trans Week has something for everyone.

Cruel and Unusual screening and talkback

Saturday 11/5, 12:30pm LC317

Transgender prisoners suffer unconscionable rights abuses while incarcerated, particularly when they are placed in facilities with inmates of another gender. Cruel and Unusual (2006) allows us to hear from three transgender women who have experienced violence, humiliation and the denial of necessary medical care while living in male prisons. Gabriel Arkles, of the NYU School of Law and a former staff attorney at the Sylvia Rivera Law Project, will speak and answer questions about his work on transgender prisoners' rights. Cosponsored by the Arthur Liman Public Interest Program.

Drag Ball

Saturday 11/5, 10:00pm 168 York St.

It's that time of year again! Come join us at the Afro-American Cultural Center for our annual Drag Ball ⎯ a night of dancing, drag, and dramatic performances. A photographer from Q, Yale's LGBTQ student magazine, will be present to take portraits upon request. Student performances will take place at 10:30pm. Drag attire highly encouraged! Cosponsored by the LGBTQ Co-Op.

Identification: Bigender, a conversation with Brin Bixby

Monday 11/7, 8:00pm The Women’s Center

In our first ever event on bigender issues, Brin will discuss her thoughts and experiences on navigating multiple gender identities. Cosponsored by the Women’s Center.

Trans 101 Workshop

Tuesday 11/8, 9:00pm Dwight Hall Library

Looking to learn more about trans issues, and find the language to speak about gender identity? Don’t know the difference between trans and genderqueer? Come to Trans 101 in the QRC for an interactive Trans 101 workshop! All levels of expertise welcome. Cosponsored by Peer Liaisons and the Women’s Faculty Forum.

An Epidemic of Homelessness: Extreme Poverty in Queer & Trans Communities

Wednesday 11/9, 8:00pm Calhoun College Parlor

Trans and Queer communities face vastly disproportionate rates of homelessness, caused and compounded by societal prejudices. Join Trans Week and YHHAP for a discussion with True Colors, a non-profit working with LGBTQ youth in Connecticut. Cosponsored by the Yale Hunger and Homelessness Action Project (YHHAP)

Trans Issues for Peer Educators and Counselors, a training with Samuel Lurie

Thursday 11/10, 7:30pm WLH 116

How can peer educators and counselors effectively support trans and gender-nonconforming students? Samuel Lurie, who has over ten years of experience educating health professionals, human services providers and higher education administrators, will host a training targeted at peer education and counseling groups. Trans and gender-nonconforming students should be as comfortable asking for help as we are in working with them. There will be plenty to learn even if you already know the basics! Cosponsored by the SHARE Center, La Casa, Native American Cultural Center, and Asian American Cultural Center.

Health Care Access for Trans Patients: a Panel Discussion

Friday 11/11, 1:30pm WLH 309

This panel discussion will tackle a range of issues in health care access for transgender and gender-nonconforming people, from the ability to find and afford gender-related services to the availability of safe and respectful providers for general or emergency care. Dr. Ralph Vetters, a pediatrician at the Sidney Borum, Jr. Health Center in Boston, will discuss the needs and challenges of transgender youth. Samuel Lurie will discuss his work in training health professionals and public health organizations on the needs of transgender people. Margot Meitner, BR '00, will share a psychotherapist's perspective on the needs of transgender people and the therapist's role in gender transition. Cosponsored by Connecticut AIDS Education and Training Center at the School of Nursing and Yale Medical Professions Outreach.

Trans Prayer Service

Friday 11/11, 8:00pm Yale Divinity School Marquand Chapel

Join the Yale Divinity School LGBTQIA Coalition for a prayer service focused on the intersections of trans issues and Christianity, with a tone of remembrance for trans victims of violence. Cosponsored by the Yale Divinity School LGBTQIA Coalition.

Schmekel concert

Saturday 11/12, 8:00pm Slifka Chapel

Schmekel's music offers a “Bar-Mitzvah buffet” of punk, klezmer, jazz, rock, and polka influences, while their lyrics combine bawdy humor and critical awareness—encouraging audiences to laugh at butt jokes while deconstructing systems of oppression. Join us for this “100% Transgender! 100% Jewish” musical extravaganza. The show will be followed by an interactive discussion. Cosponsored by the Slifka Center and GALA.

Sun, A reading of TRANNEQUIN! a new musical

Sunday 11/13, 2:30pm. Yale Cabaret, 217 Park, first floor studio

TRANNEQUIN!, a new musical created by students at Yale School of Drama, tells the story of G, a mannequin with one of the most coveted gigs in the business: modeling evening wear in a window on Fifth Avenue. But G's starting to feel deeply uncomfortable in the women's window. What would it take to join the men's window? And does G really want to live in a window at all? A blend of sharp wit and stirring sentiment, TRANNEQUIN! questions the gender binary in advertising, in musical comedy, and in life. A roundtable discussion will follow the reading. FREE and open to the public. Featuring performers from the Yale School of Drama and Yale College.