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Cafe Schedule & Reservations

Office of LGBTQ Resources Cafe



Space Reservation & Use Guidelines

Organizations affiliated with the Office of LGBTQ Resources

Organizations affiliated with the Office of LGBTQ Resources may reserve the Cafe free of charge during the term and when the Office of LGBTQ Resources is staffed, between noon and 7pm (Sunday-Friday). Events must end by 6:30 pm, to allow you adequate time for cleanup. 

Check the calendar embedded below for availability, and contact about reservations. Note that the 25Live calendar displayed in OrgSync does not include all scheduled events.

Unaffiliated organizations and departments

The space can be reserved by unaffiliated organizations between the hours of 9:00 am and noon for a fee, to defray the cost of staffing. Check the calendar embedded below for availability, contact about reservations at least two weeks before the proposed date. The usage fee should be paid via COA transfer or check at least one week before the event is held.

Setup & cleanup

Your reservation must include adequate time for setup and cleanup. Review the checklist below beforehand, and consult the staffer on duty with any questions. Please return the room to its original configuration by the end of your reservation, unless instructed otherwise by the staffer on duty. If you use the kitchen, you must clean up after your event—custodial services do not include the kitchen. Failure to restore the space to its previous state will result in an additional fee and loss of use privileges.

End-of-event checklist

  • Furniture: return to original configuration
  • Tables, counters and stovetop: wipe with damp blue microfiber cloth
  • Dishes: load dishwasher; or wash, dry and put away
  • Trash (Friday & Sunday): trash should be placed in parking lot dumpsters

Calendar of availability