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This section of our site is dedicated to collective programming and advocacy efforts by our office, those initiated by students, faculty and staff at Yale, as well as those supported by our office at the local, state, and national levels.

Standing Committees

Leadership Roundtable

The LGBTQ Leadership Roundtable is an advocacy and consultive group comprised of students, faculty, and staff who are committed to LGBTQ access, equity, and belonging. Its purpose is to provide representatives from key areas and stakeholder groups, including our resident groups from across campus, to consult with each other, the Director of LGBTQ Resources and deputy representative(s) of our office. This standing committee is assembled by invitation of the Office of LGBTQ Resources each year to serve as a focus group to enhance communication, marketing, collaboration, and collective visioning with regards to LGBTQ programming, services, and resources.

Chair(s): Cienna Dumaoal (

Pride @Yale Committee

The Pride @Yale committee helps to coordinate intergenerational social programming within the Office of LGBTQ Resources for LGBTQ students, faculty, and staff.  This committee helps shape welcome programs, LGBTQ History Month programs, holiday celebrations, and coordinate our annual Pride @Yale observances.

Chair(s): Yumemaru Kashino (

Gender Resources @ Yale Committee

The Gender Resources @ Yale committee helps to coordinate intergenerational programs and services with a special lens to gender identity and expression.  The committee helps shape affinity meet ups and gatherings, support initiatives, our Qloset, and our annual TransWeek and Trans Visibility programming.  

Chair(s): Jane Nichols (

QTPOC Committee

The QTPOC committee helps to coordinate programs and partnerships with a special lens to intersecting identities, especially with regards to race and ethnicity.  The committee works to help shape intergenerational affinity meet ups, gatherings, groups, and programs throughout the academic year in partnership with other cultural centers as well as local and national nonprofit organizations.  

Chair(s): Alden Fossett (