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Our Staff

Samuel Byrd

Samuel Byrd (any pronouns)


Common office hours topics include: Gender & Sexuality consulting; identity development and coming out; first-generation, low-income and family issues; navigating Yale; leadership; ideas for programs and initiatives; queer activism; regional and national movement building; intersections of queer identity, race, and religion; and mental health & wellness. 

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Seth Wallace (he/him)

Assistant Director
A85B, Office of LGBTQ Resources, 135 Prospect St

Common office hours topics include: Gender transitions, non-binary and genderqueer identities, family issues, coming out challenges, connecting with New Haven’s queer community, queer emotional intelligence and wellbeing. Note: Seth is currently out on paternal leave until May.  

Karis Slattery (she/her)

Program Manager

Common office hours topics include: Faith, spirituality and religious identity, healthy relationships, queer activism, unpacking queer intersectionality, mindfulness, stress-reduction.

Shiliu Wang Photo

Shiliu Wang (they/them)

Graduate Assistant

Common office hours topics include: queer and trans asian american diasporic identities and longings, prison and police abolition, student and community organizing, self-advocacy and disrupting within the medical industrial complex, sexual health education, navigating conflict and disagreement and transformative justice principles and anything else you want to talk about!