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Office of Institutional Equity and Access

The Director of the Office of Institutional Equity and Access oversees the University’s affirmative action programs and monitors compliance with policies and laws which ensure equal opportunity for students, employees and applicants for employment or admission. She works with committees and departments throughout the University to design and implement programs to increase the diversity of the Yale Community. She also assists in the development and effective use of the University’s various grievance procedures.

The Office administers an Employment Accommodations Program for Persons with disabilities that coordinates the reasonable accommodation process using a case management format. Information obtained about a person’s disability is confidential with certain statutory disclosure exceptions.

Any student, employee, or applicant for programs or employment at Yale who is concerned about affirmative action, equal opportunity, sexual harassment, racial harassment, or fairness in admissions or employment at Yale, either in a general sense or with respect to his or her own situation, is encouraged to contact the Office of Institutional Equity and Access. Talking about a problem with a member of the Office is not a part of any formal grievance procedure. However, the Director can investigate a situation and help to resolve it informally. The Office also informs individuals about the availability of the University’s grievance procedures for students and employees. In cases where the individual is not within a group of persons to which a formal grievance procedure applies, the Office will review a complaint. All inquiries are treated in a confidential manner.

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