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Yale Health and the LGBTQ Student

Working together for your health

Adapted from Yale Health, “Yale Health and the LGBTQ Student.”

Yale Health promises to always respect your privacy and treat you with consideration and dignity. You can expect to receive care that is responsive to your health care concerns and that is sensitive to you as an LGBTQ student. You play an integral part in the health care you receive. Communicating openly and honestly with your clinician is vital to receiving comprehensive and sensitive medical care. Yale Health is located at 55 Lock Street.

Student Health (203-432-0312) is where students can receive primary care for any health concern, including those related to gender and sexuality, free of charge, through their primary care clinician. Your clinician will ask questions about health behaviors, sexual activity, and a patient’s body in a sensitive way. These questions are not intended to stereotype anyone and are used to inform the care to be received.

Sexually Transmitted Infections (STls) are a health concern for every sexually active person, regardless of sex, gender, or sexual orientation. Routine testing is available at no cost through Student Health 203-432-0312 or Ob/Gyn 203-432-:0222.

Hormones are used by some transgender people as part of the transition process. Clinicians are available to advise and assist students considering or following a hormone therapy regimen. (For more information on trans* resources at Yale, see Trans* @ Yale.)

Sex Reassignment Surgery is part of Yale Health Hospitalization/Specialty Care coverage. If you have any questions speak with your clinician in Student Health. (For more information on trans* resources at Yale, see Trans* @ Yale.)

Sexual Assault, Harassment and Violence can happen to anyone in any type of relationship. A person may have had a sexual encounter or conversation that left them feeling confused, angry or violated and would like to discuss their experience with a trained professional. For anyone with concerns in these areas, SHARE (Sexual Harassment and Assault Response & Education),, 203-432-2000 is available 24/7.

Mental Health and Counseling (203-432-0290) is availab.le free of charge to all students. Diverse and supportive counselors are available to provide support for all mental health concerns including discussions about gender identity, transitioning and sexuality.

Gender Neutral Bathrooms at the Yale Health Center:

  • 2nd floor in the Preventive Health waiting area
  • 4th floor next to conference room A&B
  • Throughout clinical areas

Patient comments are very important to Yale Health. If you have any feedback about our services, good or bad, please fill out a comment card or go to If you choose to leave your name we will follow up with you.