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Resources on pronouns

What pronouns do you use? #pronounsmatter

Why do pronouns matter?

Pronouns are linguistic tools that we use to refer to people. In our efforts to respect the diverse identities of our communities, it is important to use the pronoun that people prefer when referring to them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I share and ask?

What pronouns do you use?” / “My name is ______ and my pronouns are ____, ____, and ____.” Practice alone or with others until it comes naturally!

When can I share and ask?

It is often easiest during introductions, when you share your name and ask someone else’s, but you can share and ask at any point! Anyone with a NetID can share their pronouns with the Yale Community in the Yale Directory and on class rosters via NameCoach.

Where can I learn more about pronouns? 

The website has great resources. You can also contact the Yale Office of LGBTQ Resources with any questions!

Pronoun buttons & stickers

You can pick up pronoun buttons and stickers at the Office of LGBTQ Resources during drop-in hours or at any event.

Printing your own

You can also print pronoun stickers for organization, department or yourself! You can download the PDF of our sticker design here. Any 2” round stickers that use the Avery 22817 template will work.

Pronoun stickers
Pronoun stickers
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